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Dealing with an underpayment?

There is a common misconception that insurance companies will adequately compensate individuals when they file claims. However, in reality, when insurance companies assess these claims, they often undervalue the extent of the damages, particularly in cases involving property damage. In some instances, they may even issue a check, hoping that the recipient will quickly cash it. Unfortunately, these checks often fall far short of covering the actual damages.
Insurance companies frequently exploit this situation, taking advantage of individuals’ limited ability to accurately assess the true extent of the damages. They are aware that people are often in desperate need of immediate funds. Moreover, insurance companies understand that many individuals are reluctant to pursue the claim further, resulting in an unfair outcome for the policyholders.

We can help with underpayment

Underpayment often occurs because policyholders lack a thorough understanding of their coverage. Additionally, they may not be aware that cashing a check can relinquish certain rights. It is crucial to seek guidance from an experienced attorney before depositing any check. By cashing the check without consulting a lawyer, you may waive important rights. Settlement checks usually require a complete release of the insurance company and can be considered a final and comprehensive settlement.
While insurance adjusters may appear friendly, it’s important to remember that they are still employees of the insurance company. The primary focus of the insurance company may be profit rather than ensuring rightful compensation for individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to remain cautious and seek professional advice to protect your best interests.

We Can Help with Underpayment

If you receive a check in the mail and you feel like it is inadequate, then you should not cash it. Contact The Ferriol Law Firm as soon as you can. You may be entitled to more money than your insurance provider is trying to give you. This firm will review your case and fight hard to get you what you deserve. The insurance litigation attorneys at The Ferriol Law Firm believe that people deserve to be properly compensated when they file a claim.

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